What’s In Your Gym Bag?

I used to have to travel to the gym to use any equipment or weights or pool!  I’m so thankful that where I live has a pool and a gym.  I used to have to make sure that I planned ahead and packed a bag with workout clothes.  (Never forget a sports bra when you are planning on running) (or running socks)  I’d always TRY to remember to bring a water bottle so that I could not need to hunt down the water fountain and of course, if I was swimming I would hope that a towel would make it into my bag.  Since I would usually go after work I would try to bring a snack like a Luna bar just so wouldn’t be completely starving at the gym.

Now I just have to make sure I get dressed and bring my phone, ear buds and keys. Not a bad trade off.  I still have to remember to bring a towel and water, but I don’t need to bring a bag with me.

I finally got out to a running store this past week and got a new pair of sneakers.  I’ve had my Asics for a while and decided it was time to replace them.  They were my second pair of Asics and I really did like them a lot.  I made sure to bring them with me so they could take a look at them and make a recommendation for me.  Apparently from all the treadmill running I’ve been doing, the treads on the bottom weren’t showing too much wear, but you could see the sides showing wear.

The sales person brought out three pairs of sneakers.  A pair of Brooks, a pair of New Balance and a pair of Nikes.  When I saw the Nikes, I told her it would be a miracle if she found a pair that I could wear.  All the sneakers were smaller, closers to my regular shoe size than I have been buying.  They were only about 1 size larger than my regular shoe size, which is normal for good running sneaker.  The New Balance were comfy and the Brooks felt amazing. 

The Nikes were slightly more narrow than the other two pairs, but the deal breaker for them was the construction of the heal.  It was way softer and felt like it didn’t offer any support.  When I mentioned this, the sales person mentioned that they were constructed that way for people who heal strike.  I’m not sure I understand the physics behind it, but she told me that I would notice it less when I’m running.  I took them on a test run and decided that I didn’t really like them that much, especially since I do a Galloway method of run/walk/run.  They honestly felt like I would twist my ankle easily if I stepped the wrong way.

That being said, I went with the Brooks!  I’ve always heard of Brooks and these are my first pair.  I am a proud owner of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13  I’ve only taken them on one run so far, but they felt pretty good.  I plan on taking them on a run tomorrow morning too.  

I also picked up my first foam roller.  It hurts so good.  And by good, I mean a lot.  My foam roller is my new frenemy.  I can’t even use it in front of my boyfriend because I don’t want him to hear the crazy noises I make because of the amount of pain it causes me.  When I went out for a run on Sunday, which was followed by a bunch of squats and some foam roller treatments, my legs were so sore at work that I didn’t know what was to blame!  Since I’ve had tightness in my right hip (or generally my right IT band) I plan on using the foam roller to help stretch and massage it out.

I also picked up a tube of Nuum.  Yum!  I had some that I got a while ago that either got lost while moving or are still packed away somewhere.

Sunday morning I ran at the gym, but in an effort to start getting used to being out in the heat again, I ran from the gym back to my building and took this picture for my entry into the Brooks #runhappy ‘Run in the Sun’ Instagram challenge (pre-Instagraming it).

What have you added to your running gear lately?

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