The Rush to Get It All In

Unfortunately, we only had 2 and a half days in Disneyland.  On our last day, we got up early and packed up before stopping at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen for breakfast.

After breakfast, we headed over to the Monorail in Downtown Disney and took it into the park.  It was absolutely worth it!  The Monorail in Disneyland is completely different from the one in Florida.  I would love to take it again to take a video of it.  It loops around inside tomorrow land and around the Matterhorn.

My plan for our last morning was to do everything in Fantasyland that I missed and all the rides that that we don’t have on the east coast.  My most important ride to see was the Alice in Wonderland ride.  It was really cute.  Of course, we had to do the Pinnocchio ride, Snow White and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  I had previously been on the Storybookland Canal boats, but only at night, so I made sure that we went on that.

We also spent some time with some goats.  Rob made a few friends!

I had two goals at California Adventure. 1) See the News Boys and 2) See Minnie’s Fly Girls.  I had their schedule and we had some time so we sat down at Starbucks and enjoyed some treats.  And we even got to see some of the Pixar parade.  It was like the one that they had in the Studios but bigger and better.

We made our way over to see the Fly Girls and they were great.  I would love to see more shows.  Their costumes were so cute and they remind me of the outfits that the flight attendants wore on Pan Am.  I would love to have a part in that show!

Then we rushed over to see the News Boys.  They were definitely worth the wait!  Great costumes. Great dancing. And there was a nice surprise at the end of the show!  You can watch my video to see!

We also really wanted to see the Blue Sky Cellar, so we headed over there.  It was really neat to see all the work and the thought processes that go into designing the Disney attractions.  The displays in the Cellar showed the steps that it took to create the new Princess Fantasy Faire in Disneyland.  Had I known this history behind it, I would have spent some more time in that area while we were there.

We spent some time relaxing and drinking wine and cheese before checking out one more street show in Cars Land.

Unfortunately, after that it was time to go, but not before one last picture at the resort.

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