A Day in the Life

I’ve never really done an “A Day in the Life” post before.  Usually I’m too busy and work is something that I can’t really share with everyone (not that what I do at work is top secret or anything).  Here it goes!!!

8:15 – I start my day by sleeping in..  I’m definitely not an early morning person.  Work is still crazy so it is nice to have a day off and be able to sleep until my body tells me to get up.

8:45 – I head into the living room and pull out my laptop to check my email, Twitter and Facebook.  I got two of the medals for my virtual run series to benefit Give Kids the World.  I couldn’t wait to see what the response was to the medals.

9:30 – Breakfast is made for me. Scrambled eggs with bell peppers.  It’s still an effort to remember to get more fruits and veggies into my diet.  I love eating them, but I can’t always get them in.

10:00 – Shower and get ready for interview.  Note, my interview was scheduled for 1.  I have a lot of hair and I planned on taking the flat iron to it, so I needed time to dry it and then iron it.  Not to mention making sure that my makeup was acceptable.

12:10 – Head over to interview. I leave almost an hour before because I want to make sure that I’m not late.  Were I to get this role it would be a big step forward in the company for me.

1:25 – Feel good about interview. There were two interviewers and two interviewees. I wasn’t expecting that.  Aside from that I feel like I answered the questions well.  I should know next week.  Fingers crossed!

2:00 – Get home, get changed and make a quick lunch, a stir fry brown rice and left over rotisserie chicken.  I started watching Once Upon a Time. 3 more episodes left until I get caught up with season 2!

2:30 – Get picked up by my sweetie so that we can do something after he is done with work.

3:05 -While at Staples I picked up a day planner for next year.  I want to try to be more organized and think that an old fashioned planner will be better for me than using the calendar on my iPhone.  I also pick up labels to stick on my business cards (silly me forgot to put my twitter account on them) and some padded envelopes to ship medals.

4:25 – My sweetie is finished with work and I finally get my work schedule
for next week. I have Sunday and Monday off now which means I have 4
days off in a row!  Sweet!  I also am not closing on Thursday so I will be able to go to see La Nouba in Downtown Disney.  Super Sweet!  We head over to the food truck bazaar.

4:40 – Get to Food Truck Bazaar in St. Cloud.  Monsta Lobsta and Yum Yum Cupcake trucks are here. Along with a few others I haven’t seen before.

4:50 – First in line for Yum Yum to open at 5.  They saw me waiting there and offered to get my cupcakes early but I said I’d wait because I wanted to see what flavors they had with them today.

5:00 – We get a sexy six: 2 Carrot Spice (what can I say, we’re not always good at sharing!), Peanut Butter Chocorama (of course), Tiramisu, Chocolate on Chocolate and Guava the Hut.

5:05 – Lobsta roll and water. OMG!  We just had a discussion about lobster
the other day and it has been all I’ve wanted since then.  A piece falls
off the roll and down my shirt. Of course I dig it out and eat it.  Waste not!  Rob gets a 1/2 lobster, 1/2 crab roll.  I had a taste of the crab and it was pretty good.  The rolls were toasted and buttered perfectly.  I couldn’t ask for anything different.

5:15 – Satiated, I can walk around and check out the other menus. I’m not really hungry any more but I
want to try something else. We finally decide on the Cajun egg rolls from the Dixieland Diner and we
take to go for a snack for later.  Very nice people in that truck.  I hope to try some of the other items in the future!

5:42 – We aren’t even half way home when someone decides that they want to split one of the egg rolls now.  Very yummy!

6:00 – We get home and see that no one else is at the pool so we throw on our bathing suits and head over.  I actually take about 15 minutes of the time in the pool to do some pool running.  I could definitely feel it in my calves.  I got a little burn going on there!

7:00 – We get home and unwind for a bit.  He has the Guava the Hut and I have the Tiramisu cupcake.  I get a taste of his.  Not bad but like my friend Lurkyloo, I think fruit should not be touching my cake.  I declare that the Tiramisu cupcake is my new favorite cupcake from Yum Yum.

8:00 – Start writing this post while watching Off Their Rockers.  It’s a hilarious show.  Like Pranksters but with old people.

9:50 – We have the rest of the Cajun Egg Rolls.  Still yummy.  I definitely prefer lobster and crab over crawfish though.

11:00 – Decide I’m ready for bed.  I just finished watching Dateline and head to bed.  I have the Florida Bloggers Conference in the morning!

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