Winter Racing Plan

It is now officially official.  I am registered for three half marathons and a 10k this winter.  I’m very excited.  I haven’t been registered for this many races at the same time in YEARS!

I registered for the Space Coast Half Marathon which will be run on December 1, 2013.  Earlier this year, they announced the Big Bang Challenge.  For the next five years, they have a series of medals honoring the space shuttles.  If you complete three of the five races you earn the Milky Way Challenge Finisher Medal.  If you complete all five racers, you earn the Intergalactic Challenge Finisher Medal.  The whole series is pretty awesome!  I hope to complete all five races (which obviously gives away what I’ll be doing for the next 5 Decembers).

I  also told you that I would be running the Walt Disney World Half Marathon with Run GKTW.  I am still fundraising for Give Kids the World and I will sometime soon visit the Village and share my experience with you.  I’m more than half way to my goal and I’m now trying to seriously focus on my running so that I can perform well too.  The registration for charity organizations opened up this week and I am now officially registered for the race.  I can’t wait to participate in Marathon weekend again.  Last year I missed out on it and It made me want to never miss is again.

Finally, of course, I’m registered for the Princess Half Marathon.  It will be my sixth year doing that race and with Disney’s new fascination with creating challenges, I am signed up to participate in the Glass Slipper Challenge.  This consists of a 10K on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday.  I’m excited to take part in this challenge and earn that bonus medal!  They haven’t released what the medal will look like but I’m sure it will be awesome!

In the past I’ve always tried to set my sights too high with my training.  This time around, I’m taking it one week at a time.  I figure if I can just look to the week ahead and make time for my training, then I will survive this.  Before I moved to Florida, I did just as many races in approximately the same amount of time so as long as I stay focused, I will be okay.  I’m following Jeff Galloway’s runDisney training plans.  I’ve decided to use the Princess Half Marathon plan since the mileage syncs up close enough to when I have my runs planned.  The plan has me running 11 miles on the weekend of Space Coast and 17 miles on the day of the WDW Half Marathon.  I’m pretty sure I can work with that!

With that being said, here is my week in review:

Sunday: rest (worked ALL DAY)

Monday: Walk .9 miles (I wanted to do a warm up on the bike, but someone was already on it) and 500 yard freestyle swim

Tuesday: 3.19 mile run in 45 minutes

Wednesday: rest (took some time to work on the blog)

Thursday: 3.3 mile run in 45 minutes

Friday: 600 yard freestyle swim

Saturday: 6 mile run in 1:26

I’d say, I was right on track!  I did just look at my training schedule for the week and saw that I only needed to run 5 miles on Saturday.  Whoops!  I was definitely ready to finish at 5 miles, but I guess the extra mile is okay.  I am running a 10K next weekend with the hopes of getting a good enough time to get placed in a good corral for the runDisney races.  Mel will be with me to help me pace myself.  That conveniently will count as my long run next week too!

How is your training going?  How do you tackle a long training season?

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