Proof of Time

People have always made a big deal about the crowding on the course at runDisney races.  This year Disney finally is making some changes.  In prior years, you were only required to submit a proof of time when you expected to finish in less than 2:45.  With the 2014 WDW Marathon Weekend, if you cannot submit proof that you will finish in less than 3:15, then you will be placed in the last corral.

I knew I couldn’t let that happen.  The only time I’ve been placed in the last corral was during my second half marathon, the Philadelphia Distance Run in 2009.  I never want to be starting that far back in a race again.  Mel made it her mission to find me a timed 10K that I could run so I could get a good corral placement.  She ran a 10K back in the spring (or maybe it was early summer) and got a great time.  I knew that she could whip my butt and get me a great time.

She found us the Pink Feet 10K in DeBary, Florida that we ran on Sunday.  Mind you, I worked until 11:30 on Saturday night and the race started at 7:30 and was an hour away.  And where we were meeting was 15 minutes away from where I live.  And I had to be back to work at noon on Sunday.  Needless to say, I was trying to cram it all in. 

I got up at 4:30 and headed out to meet Mel for 5:30.  We made it up to the race with plenty of time to spare.  After getting our bibs and finding the restrooms, we headed over to the start area.  It was very relaxed and not very crowded.  There was also lots of pink.  Mel got us some fairy wings from the dollar store to wear during the run so we got those on and waited for the start. 

About 3 minutes before the race time, they invited us over to the start line, the national anthem played and then there were a few brief announcements.  Before we knew it, we were off and running!  We kept a nice and easy pace and started our intervals early on.  One thing about Florida, if anyone tries to tell you that running here is easy because it’s flat, they’re lying.  This course definitely had some hills.  Nothing too bad, and nothing like the neighborhood I lived in when I was in Pennsylvania.

Mel and I stayed together during the first few miles.  At one point, she cut her run interval short but told me to keep running and she would call out to me when to stop.  I expected her to catch up to me in the next break, but she ended up shouting at me to start running again.  I knew that I needed to keep up my run/walk intervals because the only reason we got up that early was to get me a good time.  I wanted to go back to check on her, but I knew that I would get my butt kicked if I stopped. 

I finished in 1:25:03.  Pretty good if you ask me.  I don’t have any other 10K times to go off of, but I know that this has me with an estimated half marathon time of less than 3 hours.  That would be a PR for.  I’m so excited.  I submitted my time to runDisney on Sunday afternoon.  Just today, I got a response stating that they accepted my time.  I wonder what corral that will have me in.  More importantly, I wonder what I will be capable of in January!

A little bit sweaty after that run!

In case you were wondering, Mel was okay.  She was in the beginning stages of an asthma attack, but as long as she kept her pace slow, she was able to avoid a full-blown attack.  She ended up finishing 10 minutes behind me. 

I also hope to head over to her place to help her train for her first marathon.  She missed out on registering for the Space Coast Half Marathon, so her and her husband are running the Space Coast Marathon.  I may join her for part of one of her long runs in the near future.  I’ll borrow her bike and be her support and I’ll probably join her for the second half of the run.  We’ll see how my schedule works with these plans!

Have you ever run a race just to get a proof of time?

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4 Responses to Proof of Time

  1. Amanda says:

    Congrats – that's a great time!

    I was looking to do the same thing for 2014 Dopey, but then I ended up finding out that my 2012 Tinker Bell half was good enough to submit for corral placement and was accepted too.

    I have been in the last corral a couple of times at runDisney events and it is more stressful for sure.


  2. Ok tell me now before I get there. I will for certain be in the last corral for Princess. Am I asking for trouble? Should I try to sneak into atleast the one before?


  3. Megan says:

    Great news Amanda! None of the half marathons that I've done would be acceptable for a corral placement. I hope to do really well at Space Coast so I can have a better placement for Princess.


  4. Megan says:

    Don't worry about it Kellyn. This is something new for Disney races and that last corral will probably be very big. I've heard rumors about the corrals going up to 26 of them. I doubt it. The only thing I can recommend is finding a 10K to do in the next month. I've just been lucky that I've never started in the last corral because of my race experience.


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