October Review

October was a pretty good month for me with training.  I managed to get a good time with a 10K for placement with my upcoming Disney races.  I also managed to stick to my training plan for the whole month (mostly, except for not meeting my distance last week).

I’ve finished the classroom portion of my training for my new job.  I had a week’s worth of classes last week, location orientation yesterday and on Wednesday I start my on the job training.  I’m so excited to start my new position, even if it is only a temporary position.  Every so often, I get really nervous that I’m going to mess up, but I need to remind myself that I am qualified for the job and anything that I don’t know how to do already, I will learn.

Here is my status through October…

Miles: 44.3

Longest Run: 6.2 miles on October 20, 2013

Fastest Mile: 11:15 on October 26, 2013

Books: I managed to read the last two books in the Southern Vampire Series (aka: Sookie Stackhouse, aka: True Blood), Deadlocked and Dead Ever After.  I did enjoy them but I have been away from the series for so long that I had trouble really getting into them.  I do have the follow up to the series, After Dead.  I’ll read that as soon as I finish the current book I’m ready.  Thanks to Jackie I’ve also picked up a new series from Philippa Gregory.  The series is based on the Cousin’s War, or more popularly known as The War of the Roses.  It is about the Plantagenets and predates the more popular Tudor dynasty by a few hundred years.  I’m currently reading The Lady of the Rivers and have most of the other books already purchases and downloaded to my Kindle so I can read them as soon as I’m ready.

Current Music: I really haven’t downloaded any new music in a long time.  I’ve started to listen to podcasts once again though.  My favorite are The DisUnplugged, The Mickey Miles Podcast, and This American Life.

Current drink: It’s pumpkin season which means pumpkin beer!!!!  I have some Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale, which is my favorite seasonal beer.  I am also in love with Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha Frappucino.  Yup, I know that in the rest of the world the thought of a frappucino is makes you shiver, but with the exception of the past few days, it is still quite warm here.  The fact that there are now Starbucks in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot makes getting one way too easy!  Oh, and don’t forget the Tickled Pink Martini!

Tickled Pink Martini at Blue Martini

Current food: I’ve been wanting to have seafood more often.  When we were in Clearwater I made it my mission to have some good seafood.  We did visit a seafood restaurant that had good reviews on Yelp.  I plan on reviewing it soon.  I am also planning on making some shrimp tacos for dinner tonight.  I just need to find a good recipe when I’m done writing.

Current Wish List: I really want to continue working on learning a foreign language.  There was a recent Groupon deal (or maybe it was Living Social) for Rosetta Stone, but I didn’t act soon enough on it.  I will definitely need to keep my eyes open for that deal again!

Current pet peeve: I get really annoyed when people say “whenever” when the appropriate word would be “when”.  I find that the people who are using the terms incorrectly are those from the South.  “Whenever” means that the timing is indefinite.  “When” is the appropriate word when you know what time something happened.  Ex: “The parade was going on when we entered the park.” vs. “She told us we could stop by whenever we were free.”

Other Randomness: Have you checked out my Amazon Store?  I’m still working on building it, and I can take any suggestions that you can give me!

Oh, and have you seen this floating around Facebook this week:


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