The Sunday Currently

My friend Crystal was in town over Thanksgiving for a few weeks and I only got to see her for a few hours.  That is mostly my fault since I either was 1) scheduled to work, 2) picked up shifts because I wanted the overtime, or 3) was busy running and/or recovering from a half marathon.  I was able to hang out with her on her last night here though.

Of course, she is always filled with some of the best blogging tips and this week, I’m stealing this idea from her.  It is something I may be able to do every week, but we all know how I follow through with these things.  Anyways, here it goes!


Reading – The White Queen by Philippa Gregory.  I’ve already made it to the third book (chronologically) in this series.

Writing – Race Reports for the Space Coast Half Marathon and the OUC Half Marathon

Listening – Random Hi 5s by Lovestruck Robot.  Have you heard it yet?  It’s playing on XM Channel 3.  It’s awesome!  It had made its way into my running mix.

Thinking – I am happy that I got my Christmas tree up and decorated this weekend.  It’s nice to have the  glow from the tree to light up my living room.

Smelling – Pine.  Ahhh…. a real Christmas tree!

Wishing – That we can be in a house by this time next year.

Hoping – I can get an early shift on New Years Eve so that I can spend the evening with my sweetie.  I don’t think it will happen, but one can hope!

Wearing – yeah, I’m totally lounging around today.  It is chilly and expected to be really cold tonight.  I actually have on long pants and a t-shirt instead of my usual shorts and a tank top.

Loving – Being home early on a Sunday night so I can snuggle on the couch.

Wanting – Where to start? Enough money to pay off my bills, enough time to fit it all in, and enough energy to do everything that I want to do.  Oh yeah, and a swim club that I can train with without having to travel 30-40 minutes to get to it!

Needing – another paycheck before Christmas.  This year would be easier if I had 2 more paychecks before Christmas instead of just one!

Clicking –  Have you noticed how list challenges show up every so often and come in clusters?  I tend to take a lot of them, but I try to avoid posting too many of them on Facebook.  No need to add to the insanity.

How has your Sunday been?

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