And Just Like That…

Another race weekend it upon us!  People from all over the country and all over the world have been dealing with some crazy travel schedules to get to Orlando for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend.  Tomorrow starts the first of four races with the Family Fun Run 5K.  The race expo opened today, a full day earlier than it has in any other year.  I didn’t make it over today, but I am planing on trying it out tomorrow before work or Friday after I check into my resort.

I managed to make it to my fundraising goal thanks to a very generous donation.  I was very stressed out thinking that I wouldn’t make it and I would need to take what little savings I have to reach my goal.

On Friday morning I check into the Swan/Dolphin resort.  I’m not really sure which one I am staying at so I’m hoping that I will only have to go to the check in desk at the Dolphin and not have to wait in a line there only to head over to the Swan and wait in another line over there.  After relaxing and taking care of the essentials during the day, I’ll be heading over to Give Kids the World to volunteer for a little while.  We’ll be helping them by painting and doing some landscaping.

Our volunteer time will be followed by a team dinner and a tour of the village.  They’ll then bring us back to our resort when I plan on being in be by 9.  I have my run on Saturday morning so I’ll be up ridiculously early so catch the shuttle over to Epcot. 

I can’t wait to run!  I’m really happy with the training that I’ve done this time around.  I can’t say that I did every single scheduled run, but I’ve been more consistent this time around than I’ve ever been.  Mel and I did a long run on Saturday over at Fort Wilderness (a birthday run!) and we both felt awesome!  I’m letting her be in charge of our pacing and I think we will be right on goal.  I’m hoping to help out my hamstring this week by lots of stretching. 

I’ll be sure to keep you updated.  I may even try to blog from the expo so keep your eyes open!

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