You know how much I love borrowing questions from other bloggers.  I saw these questions on Caitlyn’s blog and decided to give them a shot.  Have fun learning some more about me!

1. How many countries/states/providences have you lived in?  5. I was born in Colorado, grew up in Connecticut, went to college in Washington, DC, lived in Pennsylvania for a long time before moving to Florida.

2. What’s your favorite kind of drink?  Honestly water.  Most people don’t like the taste of water, but I can find nothing more refreshing that a big glass of ice water.  I can’t really choose something specific aside from that.  What I drink aside from water really depends on my mood.

3. What song are you listening to right now? At this moment, nothing. But I am still in love with Lovestruck Robot’s “Random Hi5s” and I really like Imagine Dragons “Radioactive”. I think both of them will make it on to my running playlist for this weekend.

4.  Do does the last text message you received say? Not gonna share the details but it’s car related.

5. What are your nicknames? Meg or Meggy.  My mom is the only one who calls me Meggy on occasion.

6. What was the last TV show you watched? Pretty Little Liars.  I watched the season premier before catching up on last season.  I’m now trying to catch up on last season when I can.  It’s all on the DVR.

7. What do you need to get accomplished today?  Get packed for the weekend, work, pick up some snacks for the hotel room, maybe go to the race expo before work, and get together the remaining medals for my virtual run.  (Note: I made my fundraising goals, but you can still register for the runs and the proceeds will go to my teammates who haven’t made their goals yet.)

8.  Are you a cuddler? Maybe I should have Rob respond to this, but I already know the answer.  I love to cuddle.  There are days when I am expecting a challenging day at work and I warn him before I leave the house that I will need lots of cuddling later.  I think he also know that if I start cuddling any time after 9, I’m probably going to fall asleep on his chest.

9.  Where did you get the shirt you are wearing right now?  I won my shirt from Crystal a few years ago.  It’s my Bon Temps Football shirt.  When I got it, I was a few pounds heavier and it didn’t fit well.  It’s really comfy now!

10. How many pairs of shoes do you own?  I am not really sure.  I have a lot of pairs of shoes, but I really only wear about 4 pairs.  My work shoes, my sneakers, flip flops and a pair of black ankle boots that I love.  I really need to get a pair of black strappy sandals.  And to think that there was a point in my life the I forbid myself from buying another pair of black strappy sandals and now I have none!

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