Ready for Another Donald Medal!

I’m all checked into my room and have my race outfit laid out.  I received the race shirt from Give Kids the World.  It is really cute, but I decided I want to wear it on Sunday when I’m touring the parks and cheering on the other runners.  I have the tried and true training shirt that I got over the summer in out team colors with our logo on it.  The race shirt has big dots on it that prevent the fabric from breathing and could make me incredibly hot, especially with the temperatures that we’re expecting.

I think this would be Rob-approved

I’m glad I waited until today to head to the expo because I encountered no lines picking up my bib and my goodie bag and only had to deal with moderate crowds walking through the expo.  I went through the RunDisney merchandise and saw some cute shirts, but I am on a no spend month so I didn’t get anything.

I’m heading over to volunteer at Give Kids the World in a little while and we’re having a pasta party and a tour of the village before returning here and heading back to get some sleep.  I have my alarms all set for a 2:30 wakeup call.  I can’t wait to get this race started!

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