Run GKTW Runner Profile: Kira

1. How long have you been running? 

I ran in the army 10 years ago, but just picked up running about 8 months ago.

2. Why did you start running? 

I ran because I had to back then, but now I run because I want to. As a diabetic its good for me, and its nice to run as a stress reliever.

3. What was your first race?

I am making Princess 10K my first race!

4. Why did you join Run GKTW?

I joined GKTW because of my son, Brayden. In 2008, Brayden was born with a heart defect called Tetrology of
Fallot.  This defect required surgery.  In June of 2008, just shy of he
had open heart surgery. Although the surgery was a success, he has been
plagued with other health issues – including a pancreatic disease. 
Brayden has been through so much in his life…many hospital stays, a
feeding tube as well as nursing in our home and at school with him.  In
2011, Brayden and our entire family were granted a trip through the
Make-a-Wish foundation and went to the Give Kids the World Village. Make-a-Wish and Give Kids the World took care of everything for us.  We visited all of the parks,
had every meal covered, ate ice cream for breakfast, rode horses, met
characters, and so many other amazing things!!!

5. What is your favorite running tip/trick? 

My running tip is to be yourself. Don’t use it as a competition. Have fun, dress up and do your own thing! You are your own person and as long as you are happy with your running skills, no one else’s opinion matters!

You can donate to Kira’s fundraising here!

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