Flashback Friday: Gingerbread Run

I’m not sure if this truly counts as a flashback since I never posted about it before.  Sometimes life gets busy and I miss out on a lots of the posts that I want to write.

Last fall, I ran my first Gingerbread Run, a 5K at Give Kids the World.  It was my first time being back at the village since I moved to Orlando.  I was really excited to run the race, but having just run with a friend a earlier in the week, I was suffering from a minor case of shin splints.  I did come up with this crazy plan that I would go out and run as long as I could before I would start walking.  Yeah, stupid move on shin splints.

I got over to the Village nice and early and picked up my bib and t-shirt.  I ran into my friend Jill and hung out with her for a little while.  While I was checking Twitter I saw that my friends Nicole (Sparkly Ever After) and Scarlett were there so I went to find them.  I met up with them right before they got a picture with Mayor Clayton, so I hopped into the picture too!

There was a DJ with a dance party so we went over there to hang out for a bit before heading to the start line.  When they were announcing the pace groups, they announced all the way up to the 10 minute mile group and said that walkers would be going after them.  Well, I’m not that fast, but I didn’t plan on walking so I went over with them.

The start was pretty quick (yay for not having to wait in a corral for an hour).  We went off through the Village before turning out into the neighborhood across the street.  I didn’t see any actual mile markers so I didn’t know how far off from the actual distance I was.

I did get pretty tired in that first mile and after that I tried to do my run/walk intervals. Of course, I knew better.  And my shins were on fire.  I knew I wouldn’t be doing 3 miles at the pace I had done my first mile.  Once I made it back to the Village, I did what I could with running and enjoyed seeing all of the Villas where the families stay. 

I was very happy to see the finish line and I ran once I saw it.  I heard someone cheer for me so after I finished, I went back along the side and found one of my Run GKTW teammates.  We stayed there to cheer on the runners before I left to go around and get pictures.  And I took a ride on the carousel.

I’ll probably do the run again next year so be sure to look out for the sign ups.  I’ll be sure to let you know!

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