Run GKTW Runner Profile: Leanne

1. How long have you been running? 

I started running in 2011, so only a few years.

2. Why did you start running? 

I quit smoking and
quickly gained about 30lbs. I was determined to lose the weight. I
tried running because it was a form of fitness that I could do on my
schedule, at my pace, nearly everywhere. I began with the C25K program
but moved to Jeff Galloway’s method as my running goals became

3. What was your first race? 

My first race was the
Family Enrichment Center 5k in Bowling Green, Kentucky. My first runDisney
race was the Family Fun 5k through the Animal Kingdom on Walt Disney World’s 40th

4. Why did you join Run GKTW? 

I was first introduced
to Give Kids the World through the DIS ( I joined the BIG GIVE group on
that site and sent pixie dust (glow things, stickers, shirts, stuffies,
etc) to some of the Make-A-Wish families prior to their trips to GKTW.
What a wonderful feeling to hear how happy the children are when they
receive their surprises in the mail. On a more personal note, I know
first hand how stressful life can be when a member of your family is
affected by illness. My sister was born with birth defects and died very
young. What a blessing a place like GKTW would have been to my parents
thirty years ago. We went on one vacation my entire childhood and we
saved change for three years to go. That vacation was a trip to Walt
Disney World in 1987. It was the only vacation my little sister ever got
to take. It’s a very special place to me and my family. I want to
help other families make special memories. Running is what keeps me
grounded. The marriage of the two: running and GKTW was a perfect fit
so I signed myself up!

5. What is your favorite running tip/trick? 

are your most important accessory in my opinion. Go to a running store,
talk to the experts, buy the shoe that’s best for your feet. Your
knees, shins, calves, and feet will thank you!

You can donate to Leanne’s page here

Don’t forget that I am giving away an entry to any 2014 Spartan Race. 

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