Enchanted 10K Race Review

We got up around 3:30 to get ready for the race. I truly loved being able to just hop on the Monorail to get to the race. Granted, it was a lot of walking from the Monorail to the holding area, but I didn’t mind it. It certainly beat taking the bus.

Flat Olaf and Anna

Mel had decided to dress up as Anna for the race, so I decided to do an easy costume and dress up as Olaf. She made me a silver sparkle skirt and I bought a $7 tech shirt at Walmart along with some black felt for my buttons. She even made a silver headband for me.

Since she registered late for the Glass Slipper Challenge, we were in different corrals for the 10K. She had a friend who was going to pace her until she got into Epcot and my plan was to take my time until they caught up to me and then go with them for the rest of the race. It wasn’t a bad plan but I knew I also wanted to run my own race too.  I really wanted to get pictures during the 10K.

Fun Fact: There were 6000 runners in the 10K this year. There were 6000 women (and 200 men) running the first Princess Half marathon in 2009.

The start seemed to take forever. I think there was about 10 minutes between each corral so I had to wait 30 minutes to start. Once I started, I went with a 1 minute run/30 second walk. I felt great doing it. I was going to stop for Pocahontas when I saw her, but I panicked a bit and kept running when I looked back and saw the crowds thinning out. In actuality, they were probably at least a half mile behind me and they weren’t even at the end of the race so I had nothing to worry about.

I saw my friend Megan when I turned around to look for Mel. She yelled at me for walking backwards on the course and I decided to walk with her for about a quarter mile or so. I finally gave in and called Mel. She hadn’t caught up to me so I waited near a sign that she couldn’t miss. I did see a lot of other friends pass while I was waiting. Once she caught up, I ran with her for the rest of the way.

Her friend that was pacing her was a bit too much for me. Loud and talking to everyone else around. I am certainly a chatty person, but at that time of the morning and focusing on running, I just wasn’t as entertained by him. If I were to run with him again, I know what I would be getting into so I would be prepared for his antics.

Just around the halfway point, we left the highways and entered backstage at Epcot. I had a plan of using the restrooms in Norway, but I completely forgot that the race entered the World Showcase between Norway and China so I would be past the bathrooms. Oh well!

Seven Dwarfs in Germany
Lady and the Tramp in Italy

We took our time once we got into Epcot and stopped for a picture in front of the topiary for the Seven Dwarfs in Germany and I stopped with Lady and the Tramp in Italy. All of the lines for the other characters were ridiculously long and we didn’t stop for them.

I was finally able to stop at a restroom in Morocco and Mel kept going. Once I got out, I was going to run almost the entire way to catch up with her. Unfortunately, I noticed that my phone had stopped playing music, so I thought that it had died on me (it has a tendency to do that lately). I stopped to check on it and it turned out that I had just paused and restarted it too many times and I had just lost track of where I was.  I got it running again and I took off to catch up with Mel.

I finally caught up with her at the Boardwalk and walked to catch my breath. We started running again and tried to look like we were full of energy whenever we saw a race photographer. In front of the Yacht Club, I saw some of my WISH friends and in front of the Beach Club I saw some other friends. I gave them some sweaty hugs. Appropriate for Olaf although I’m sure they would have preferred warm hugs to sweaty hugs.

Once we entered backstage at Epcot again and reminisced about the first Wine and Dine Half marathon and how horrible the finish line area was. Ahhh… the good ole days! The remaining half mile or so through Epcot was okay. There were some friendly cast members there to cheer us on.

I was happy to get to the finish line where I gave Carissa a shout out. We quickly grabbed our goodie boxes and got our Glass Slipper 10K wrist bands before heading back to the room.  I had some reservations at Be Our Guest for lunch to get to!

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