A Quick Visit to Animal Kingdom

My mom was in town visiting for a few days this week and I took her over to Animal Kingdom on Thursday. I love taking some time to enjoy the parks here when I can.

I have to say that this was one of the best rides that I ever had on
Kilimanjaro Safaris. We had several stops on the ride which gave us a
lot of time to take pictures of the animals. My favorite stop was right
next to the lions. I was able to get tons of pictures. Most of the
pictures I got were with my uncle’s camera, but I got a few good ones
with my phone too.

Black Rhino
White Rhino
Surveying the Pride Lands
The ladies checking out the strong man

This guy was responsible for the hold up
He had a rough night. (It also reminded me of the scene on the Jungle Cruise)

I also went over to see the tigers and the bats in Asia.

And my favorite of course. The white cheeked gibbons. I was in the park a few days later and between the siamangs and the gibbons, Asia was full of noise. It was so cool! They usually don’t make lots of noise in the middle of the day, but that day they were.

What are your favorite animals?

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