Getting Back in the Pool

I’m so proud of myself. As much as I hate getting up early on my days off, I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning and get to my first swim practice.

A few weeks ago I joined US Masters Swimming so that I could start swimming with a local swim club. I
finally remembered to Google Masters swimming one day and saw that there was a club in Celebration. I was so excited to see that since the only other ones I knew of were at the YMCA Aquatic Center near International Drive or one that I heard about in Clermont. Both were too far away in my opinion.

The one in Celebration is probably only a few minutes closer to me than the one in Clermont, but since I’m familiar with the area, I decided to give it a shot.
I met Coach Marci just when I arrived there this morning and I probably came off as a complete wacko telling her how excited I was to get back into a pool. I also warned her that it had been over a decade since the last time I swam with a coach so I didn’t know how well I could keep up. She reassured me that I would be okay and I didn’t have to worry about keeping up with everyone else.
I hopped in a lane with an older gentleman and started the warm up. The total distance of the warm up was the distance of the swim for the Rocketman Tri. I was okay with that, so I’m pretty sure that I’ll be okay with that portion of the race.
We did a lot of speed drills and I did my best to keep up, but I decided to sit out a couple intervals. I joked that I probably wouldn’t be able to lift my arms above my head tomorrow. Yet, here I am writing this not more than 2 hours after practice ended and I may actually NOT be able to lift my arms above my head by the end of the day.
I can’t wait to go to another practice. It’s going to be tough making it to them with my work schedule, but I plan on trying to go 1-2 times per week. I’ve got a triathlon (and more) to train for!
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