Epcot’s After Hours Wind Down – Italy Edition

Recently Walt Disney World announced a new dining event in Epcot. The After Hours Wind Down is a special event occurring in Epcot for approximately two hours after the park closes in select countries in the World Showcase. You can make reservations for Mexico, Italy, Morocco, or the United Kingdom.

One of my friends is in town from overseas and I had the night off (for a change), so I decided to join him and a few other friends in Epcot for Illuminations followed by the Wind Down in Italy. We watched the fireworks from Japan before making our way to Tutto Gusto where the after hours event was happening.

Illuminations from Japan

Illuminations from Japan

Technically I wasn’t included in the reservation but there was enough room for them to include me in the group. We were seated in the corner banquette which comfortably fit all seven of us and we were handed our specialty menus. I didn’t ask if we could order from the regular menu, but my impression was that you could only order from the Wind Down menu.

Menu from Italy Wind Down

Menu from Italy Wind Down

There were six different combinations available and between the seven of us, I think we had most of them covered. I need to note that you can mix and match the wine and food combos, but you can exchange items within the combos. I had a bit of difficulty deciding what to get because I was really tempted with the dessert combo and some of the other options. I also saw a couple of other options that had things in it that I knew I would love (CHEESE!) mixed with things that I wasn’t so sure about (olives). I ended up selecting the Piemonte Hills Flight.

Piemonte Trio

Piemonte Trio

My selections included: Salametto, Gorgonzola, and La Tur. Meat and cheese, how could I not love it? The wines included: Gavi, Batasiolo, Barbera d’Alba, Batasiolo, and Langhe Nebbiolo, Mirafiore. I enjoyed all of the wines, but my absolute favorite was the Barbera d’Alba. It is one that I would definitely go out to get a whole bottle of (and maybe not share with anyone). I wouldn’t turn my nose up at the other two wines as they were both great selections.

The Salametto was a type of salami, probably named that because it was a smaller salami. The Gorgonzola is a traditional blue cheese. It is always a favorite of mine. And the La Tur was soft cheese like a brie in flavor and texture. I was hesitant about the Salametto since I’m not a huge fan of salami, but I ended up really enjoying it.

Tutto Gusto

Tutto Gusto

My friends that ordered the desert trio gave it rave reviews and I even got a chance to try some of the vegetarian option. I tried the white asparagus which was a first for me. It was good, but maybe something I would like to try prepared a different way next time.

We all agreed that we would like to try the Wind Down again. I think I would like to try one at each of the locations offered. The entire night is a great value. It only costs $35 for everything you get.

Currently there are no discounts that can be applied but I really hope this event sticks around and they can consider offering a discount too. Even without the discounts being offered, I know I will try to do this again!

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1 Response to Epcot’s After Hours Wind Down – Italy Edition

  1. Liz Lewis says:

    Wow, I haven’t been to Epcot in YEARS so it was fun to see this and remember some great memories. Thanks!


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