A Day in the Life May 2014

It’s been a while since I did one of these, but I actually had a day when I was taking pictures throughout the day and realized I could do another “Day in the Life” post.

Friday, May 30

6:30 am: I wake up early on my day off for no good reason. After tossing and turning for a while trying to fall back asleep I give up and get out of bed.

7:15 am: After checking Facebook and my email, I log into my My Disney Experience account and get ready to may sure my Fastpass+ are set up for Star Wars Weekend.

8:00 am: The Fastpass+ that I am trying to get is supposed to be available. I start trying to change my fastpass but I can’t find the one that I want. I continue to try for the next 40 minutes before I am able to get through.

8:45 am: After finally getting the Fastpass that I want, I have breakfast (bagel and peanut butter). Rob put the bagel in the toaster for me when I was trying to get things set up so it has been sitting there for a while. I toss it in the microwave to warm it up a bit before I sit down to eat it.

9:10 am: I finally take a shower. I didn’t plan on washing my hair since I am heading over to get it cut soon, but I totally forgot to put it up so it looks like I’ll be washing it anyways.

10:15 am: I meant to leave a little bit earlier, but I kept getting distracted before I headed out the door. I am thankful for a cloudy drive over since it keeps my car a little bit cooler for me. My A/C isn’t working well in my car. 😦

10:59 am: I just make it in time for my hairdressers appointment. I would have been there a few minutes earlier, but to get there I need to go through the Magic Kingdom toll plaza since it is in a shopping center about two miles behind Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong land and the person in front of me took forever for some reason.

11:00 am: I meet Melanie. She is really nice and gives me a tour of the salon. It is an Aveda salon. When I first moved here I went to the Aveda Institute to get my hair done. I really like their products and I am impressed with the stylists who train there. I show Melanie a picture of the cut I want.

11:05 am: My hair gets washed for the second time and gets a conditioner treatment. While the conditioning treatment sits, you get a hand and arm massage. Ahh… So relaxing.

11:10 am: The chopping commences! I got my hair cut about 2 months ago and I wasn’t in love with the layers that they put in them. The cut I am getting will  pretty much eliminate them all.

New haircut

New haircut

12:00 pm: My hair being done, I pay (yay for Cast Member discounts!) The person checking me out asks if I got any color done. I had just touched up my roots the other day, but my hair has some natural highlighting going on. She was pretty impressed with the color. Score one for at home hair color!

12:05 pm: In the same shopping center is a little restaurant that some co-workers recommended, My French Cafe. I stop in and decide to get a crepe with butter and sugar to go.

My French Cafe crepe

My French Cafe crepe

12:30 pm: I stop by costuming and turn in most of the costumes for the position I have been working at. I’m returning to my old job on Sunday and I pick up my costumes for that before heading out. I also see the Coordinator of Training and we both share how excited I am to be returning to the area.

12:50 pm: I park at Animal Kingdom and head into the park. They are having dress rehearsals for the Festival of the Lion King and I am heading in to see the show!

1:05 pm: I stop by one of the stands in Harambe (the Africa section of the park) to get a water. They have a new souvenir mug for sale so I get that with the Jambo Juice slushie. I sit down to drink and enjoy the band playing before heading back stage to see the show.

Harambe dance party

Harambe dance party

Lion King Mug

Lion King Mug

1:20 pm: I line up with other cast members for the show. Everyone keeps asking me where I got the refillable mug.

1:30 pm: We are brought into the new area and line up in the queue. This area is amazing!

1:45 pm: We go into the theater. Everyone from work is surprised with the new haircut. This is one of the last times that most of us will be together since many of us are going back to our old positions within the next few weeks.

2:00 pm: The show starts! I am sitting with my friend Jessica who used to work in the theaters and we do some of the dance moves that the stiltwalkers do during the show. The show is amazing!!! They brought back some fire effects during one section. A waterfall was added to the elephant float too. I swear I remember seeing it before, but everyone else insisted that it was new. The show received a well-deserved standing ovation.

Lion King opening

Lion King opening



Festival of the Lion King

Festival of the Lion King

2:40 pm: We took a group photo in front of the Pumba float and then I see everyone hanging out near the Simba float. Simba was actually smiling for pictures and bowing to people who were saying goodbye to him. The theater cast finally kicked us out so that they they could get ready for the next show.

Smiling Simba

Smiling Simba

3:10 pm: I finally make my way to the front of the park. I have to stop to pick up groceries. I have plans to do a juice cleanse next week (follow me on Instagram to see how I’m doing) so I need to stock up! I also pick up some other things for dinner.

4:15 pm: I make it home and get everything organized. I start some chicken wings in the oven and get some rice cooking.

5:30 pm: The wings are done! We enjoy them and the rice. It is such a great and easy recipe that I got from a coworker: rub the wings in olive oil, cover in chopped fresh garlic, chili powder, garlic powder and fresh lime juice. Bake for 30 minutes and squeeze some more lime juice on it. Bake for another 30 minutes and take out of over. Squeeze a little bit more lime juice on them before serving. The skin comes out nice and crispy and delicious!

7:00 pm: We head out to Downtown Disney. My friend Courtney is in town and we are heading to Spiltsville to meet up for drinks before her dinner with her family.

7:45 pm: Parking is no fun in Downtown Disney and I can’t wait for them to be finished with the construction. Thankfully, we don’t need to search too long before we find someone who is leaving. We make it in and find Courtney with her boyfriend in the upstairs bar.



9:10 pm: After hanging out for a while, the rest of Courtney’s family shows up so we say our goodbyes and head home.

10:30 pm: I feel like I’m getting old. I’m totally exhausted and I head to bed after a long day. Besides, I’ve got a 13 hour shift the next day.

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3 Responses to A Day in the Life May 2014

  1. Courtney says:

    I’m so glad we got to see each other this time! 🙂 See you in February for Princess


  2. Courtney says:

    I’m so glad I got to see you this trip! 🙂 See you in February for Princess


  3. Miss Angie says:

    Such a fun day! Jealous!


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