10 Things on Tuesday

My friend Crystal has been doing a “10 Things on Tuesday” post for a while now. This week she is hosting her first linkup so I decided to join her!

Magic Hat Quote

Magic Hat Quote

1. I forgot about the quotes under the caps on Magic Hat bottles. I just opened up one the other day and I love the quote in it. “Be a Traveler Not a Tourist” So true!

2. I love finding entire series on Netflix. I didn’t watch Dawson’s Creek when it was on over a decade ago, but I started watching it last week just for the heck of it. It’s not bad, but I can see why I didn’t become obsessed with it when it was on.

3. I’m giving my juicer a serious workout this week. I started a juice cleanse yesterday. It’s only a 3-day cleanse that Dr. Oz talked about, but I’ll give it a full review when I’m done.

4. Trying to blog as often as I want to can be time consuming. I do my best to write posts in advance, but usually I run out of ideas or I just reach a point of sheer exhaustion before I can complete more than two posts.

5. My swim coach is badass! She finished 8th in the Women’s Pro division of the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. She had the fastest women’s time overall for the swim portion of the race.

6. I need to get some new Speedos. I’m trying to lose weight so I can fit into the one I have right now, but constantly swimming in my Tri suit top and regular bathing suit bottoms it getting a bit old.

7. I’m considering replacing the handlebars on my bike. I might want some of those racing handles that people use during triathlons.

8. I don’t know what I hate more about doing the laundry: folding the clothes or having to put away the clothes after they’re folded.

Tootsie Roll by 69 Boyz

Tootsie Roll by 69 Boyz

9. I love hearing random songs on Sirius XM. I wish I was able to get up and dance when I heard this song last night!

10. I’m finally back in my job at resorts and I couldn’t be happier!!!

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4 Responses to 10 Things on Tuesday

  1. Yay for being back at resorts! It’s where all of the cool kids hang out.


  2. Miss Angie says:

    I would love to get into swimming more, I keep thinking about it! That quote is fab!

    Also I just read another blog that said “life first, blogging second.” and I think that’s such a great way to think about it!


  3. I loved that she made a 10 things link up! Great quote, I often find myself checking for fun quotes inside every bottle cap… regardless of the beverage.

    I hate folding and putting away laundry equally.


  4. I loved Dawson’s Creek. I remember watching it back when it was on, along with all the other WB shows (Popular, Felicity, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc).


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