2 Degrees Bar Review

I was provided with samples of 2 Degrees Snack Bars through my association with Raynforest. I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

I had the opportunity to try 2 Degrees Snack Bars recently. 2 Degrees is an amazing company that was started by two friends in San Francisco. Their mission was to make delicious product and feed hungry children around the world. It is their goal to fight childhood hunger.

How do they do that? It’s simple. They use a “Buy-One-Give-One” model. For every bar that you purchase they give a child a meal. According to their website, their try to purchase food that is produced locally in the region where the meals will be distributed. They work with non-profit organizations in developing countries to help distribute the meals through health clinics, schools, and community groups. In the United States they work with Feeding America to distribute the meals. You can see some of the other countries that they are working in on their website.


2 Degrees Snack Bars

So how are the bars? I really enjoyed them. My pack included four different flavors: Chocolate Peanut, Cherry Almond, Chocolate Banana and Apple Pecan. The bars contain all-natural and nutrient dense ingredients such as nuts, chia and quinoa. If you are allergic to nuts, I highly recommend the Chocolate Banana. It is incredibly delicious!


Cherry Almond

I can’t decide my favorite between the Chocolate Banana or the Apple Pecan (which reminds me of an apple pie). The Chocolate Peanut was yummy too. The only one I wasn’t a fan of was the Cherry Almond. Funny enough that is was the one that I got a picture of in it’s package! It was a good bar, but I’m not a fan of cherries so it didn’t really appeal to me.


Apple Pecan Bar

I had one before one of my long bike rides and it held me over until I got home. I plan on ordering some of these again and I may even take them with me while I do my Rocketman Triathlon next month. I think one of the bike might be a great source of fuel.

Here is a added bonus: all of the bars are vegan and gluten free! I know I have some friends that would benefit from that.

If you are interested, you can use the promo code Megan15 that you can use on their website. It’s good for 15% off. For full disclosure, I will also receive a small percentage of any purchases made during my discount code. As with any other income I make through this blog through the end of the year, I will be donating it to my fundraising.

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