10 Things on Tuesday Volume 7

10things 1Hi everyone! Sorry I took a two week break. It’s been a bit busy for me. Here’s my latest edition of 10 Things on Tuesday.

1. I finally got trained in a new position at work. I am really excited about it and I know I can do a good job. I am still a bit nervous about what challenges I may face though.

Iggy's in Narragansett http://whomerun.com

Iggy’s in Narragansett

Point Judith http://whomerun.com

Point Judith

Point Judith Lighthouse http://whomerun.com

Point Judith Lighthouse

point judith selfie littlenecks2. We had a quick getaway last week. We snuck away to Rhode Island to spend some time exploring Rob’s old stomping grounds. It was a fun little vacation but it flew by too quickly.



3. I went sailing again. As part of our quick getaway, we went sailing in Narragansett Bay. I haven’t been sailing since I graduated from high school. I absolutely love being out there on the water and feeling the wind in my hair. I still have a lot to learn about sailing, but we hope to make it back home more often so hopefully I’ll get more practice.

4. Have you seen Married at First Sight? I’m just checking that out for the first time while I’m writing this post. It’s an interesting concept. There have been arranged marriage for centuries but it is interesting to see contemporaries struggle with an arrange marriage. In one of the marriages, the man wants to have the traditional role of the provider and is willing to pay for all of the household expenses. I don’t ever expect that but it would be nice to be at a level of income where one person could cover all the household expenses and the other would be making the “play” money.

5. I went out for another swim at Lucky’s Lake this weekend. We were going to go every other weekend, but they are doing some kind of Zombie filming this Saturday so we are hopefully going for the swim again and sticking around for the zombie filming too. Who knows, you could see me on TV at some point in the future.


Ambertone at House of Blues



6. I finally got to see Ambertone this weekend! It’s been about two and a half years since I last saw them perform. It is a bit sad that they aren’t together anymore but all the members have been working on other projects. It was still an awesome night.

7. I am now registered for the Coast to Coast Challenge! I registered for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon today. Surprisingly, as of writing this, the only races that are already sold out are the kids races. Now to start planning the rest of the trip. We are definitely excited about going out there again next year!

8. I’m not really motivated to run. I love getting up to swim and biking isn’t so horrible, but it is still too humid here to enjoy running outside.

9. Normally I sleep 7 hours per night. I’ve been so exhausted and not feeling 100% that I’ve slept for 10 hour each of the past two nights. I’m hoping that tonight is better so that I can get up and exercise.

10. I’m excited to watch Divergent. It is finally out and I hope to watch it on Amazon soon.

Don’t forget that I am fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I will be running the 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon with Team in Training. Please take a few moments and a few dollars to help me support this amazing organization by making a donation today.


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10 Things on Tuesday Volume 6

It’s been a busy week for me. I can’t believe it’s Tuesday again. It’s time for another 10 Things!

10things 11. I’m getting trained for a new position this week at work. It’s been a long time coming since I chose to take on a few temporary assignments after I was told I would be getting trained last year. While I’m a bit nervous about doing a good job, I’m sure I can do the job and it may take me a little bit of time to get used to it.

2. I’m happy that the ABC Family summer season has started. I have to admit that I love watching Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth. I do want them to figure out this whole “A” thing though. I don’t know how these girls have managed not to flunk out of school yet.

3. Have you ever worn ketchup? Yeah… a bottle exploded on me yesterday. At least it didn’t get in my hair and it looks like I managed to save the shirt I was wearing.

4. I had my cholesterol tested yesterday and it is actually really good. I don’t think I’ve seen results this low. Now to get my weight under control.

5. I’ve been working with my boss to get ready to apply for a leadership position. I’ve been reading a lot of different books about becoming a leader and what makes a good leader. It is great to have someone take an interest and really try to help develop your skills.

6. I finally went to a Red Robin last night. I enjoyed it and I would like to go back to try some of the other items. We’ve been watching a lot of Man v. Food and we joked that last night in the episode of Rob v. Food, Food won. When they brought out our meals we were a bit shocked at the size of his. Wowza!

7. Have you seen the new show on Lifetime called “The Lottery”? I watched if for a survey I was taking, but I ended up really enjoying it. It is a sci-fi futuristic story. The last children born in the world were in 2019 and it is now 2025 and they are still trying to figure out what has happened. Check it out!

8. I really want to find a spinning class that doesn’t require me to join a gym. In doing some research, I’ve discovered that I need to increase my cadence. (Have I talked about this already?) When I use the bike in the gym, I do my best to make sure that I have RPMs in the high 80s or low 90s.

9. I’m going to try something a little bit different this week. One of my managers runs an underwater hockey group at the YMCA Aquatic Center. I usually work at night and can’t make it to the sessions, but with my training this week, I’m working during the day so I hope to make it on Friday.

10. Muppets Most Wanted is coming out on video soon. I can’t wait to see it again!

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What Do You Do When…

You get up and get all the way to the pool only to find that it is closed?

Yeah, I almost slept through my alarm this morning. I was in such a deep sleep that I didn’t hear it right away. But I got up. The medication that I am currently on doesn’t always agree with my stomach (thankfully I only have to take it for four weeks). Yesterday I took it right before I went to the gym for a bike ride and I had to cut my workout in half because of the stomach pains. It is a normal side effect of the medicine, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

I made a deal with myself last night that if my stomach was okay in the morning I would go to practice. Since I break so many of the deals that I make with myself, I decided to stick to this one. I even managed to make it to practice a few minutes early. Unfortunately, I guess there was some kind of power outage over night and the pool was locked. We all waited for a little while to see if the lifeguard would arrive to open up the pool, but after about 15 minutes practice was called. 😦

I stopped and picked up some bagels for breakfast from Panera. It’s been a while since I got anything from there. I love their bagels! I got an asiago bagel with veggie cream cheese.

Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebell Workout

When I got home, I didn’t just sit down on the couch. I grabbed my kettlebell and did my favorite workout. I couldn’t let getting up that early go to complete waste. It’s not as much as a workout as I wanted for the day, but it is better than nothing!

Tomorrow will be another bike ride for me!

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10 Things on Tuesday Volume 5

10things 1It’s time for another 10 Things on Tuesday! Here you go!

1) I’m still excited about completing my first open water swim and I may have convinced some of my teammates to join me in a few weeks.

2) I have a corporate sponsor for my fundraising. I’ll give you the details soon, but for now, just remember that if you make a donation to my fundraising page it will be matched. All the money I raise goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

3) I really need to learn how to shift gears on my bike better. It is something that isn’t intuitive for me and I never learned how to do it properly when I was younger.



4) One of my favorite bands, Ambertone, is getting back together for a one time show next month. I got my tickets in the mail and hopefully Crystal will be able to make it since she is the one who introduced me to them. It will be awesome show!

5) I’m currently taking a medication that requires me to avoid the sun. That is tough for this Florida girl. We went to Epcot yesterday and I loaded up on the SPF 30 (normally it’s SPF 8 f0r me). We actually decided to go ride Journey Into Imagination and Captain EO. I even tried to convince Rob to go into Oh Canada! Basically, anything inside was an ideal attraction.

6) Spartan Race has a new series premiering on NBC Sports tonight. I think I’ll check it out. I am reading a book by the creator of Spartan Race. I will finish it one day soon. I’m trying to read so many other things, including stuff for work. So much reading to do!

7) Have you seen American Ninja Warrior? More importantly, have you seen this Kacy’s performance on the show. She is amazing!

8) When Rob’s band played at House of Blues last month the opening act was Carly Jo Jackson. She is currently on America’s Got Talent. In fact, she was just on a few minutes ago. I don’t know how this week will turn out, but I have to say that seeing her in person was much more exciting than what I just saw on the show.

9) I really wish that I could sing better. I am great in a chorus, but I’ve never had a soloist or a pop voice. I have an audition for a choir next week. I should probably get the music for it so I can practice!

10) File this under things “Things That Happen in Florida”. Yeah… What were these people thinking?!? Fair warning, this is a news article that contains some censored video.

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Weekend Happenings

I had a busy weekend when it comes to working out. Amazingly, I was still walking normally today. I had to get my sleep in at odd times though in order to be rested enough to get to work too.

Lucky's Lake Swim http://whomerun.com

Lucky’s Lake Swim

Mel and I met early on Saturday morning to go over to Lucky’s Lake Swim. It was nice to have her there with me for my first venture into open water swimming. She’s done a few triathlons so she is much more comfortable being in the lakes than I am. It was really fun to just hop in the water and swim. but it was such a big change for me to not have a wall to stop and take a rest at.

Lucky has two requirements for first time swimmers. For your first three crossings, you need to have some kind of floatation device. He’s not picky. He has floats with straps that you can borrow, but if you have a pull buoy, wet suit or even a noodle you can swim. For your first five crossings, you are given a bright green swim cap. Of course, you also have to sign a release which, among other things, states that you are able to swim 1000 meters.

Lucky's Lake Swim http://whomerun.comOnce Lucky welcomed everyone, we all made our way into the water. Thankfully, the shore was sandy, not slimy and muddy like the lakes I grew up with in Connecticut. To get out into the deeper water quicker, I did some Tarzan swimming. This was when wearing the belt with the float was first noticeable to me. And the fact that I was swimming in fresh water instead of the salt water pool that I’ve become used to.

Lucky's Lake Swim http://whomerun.com

We swam to the other side and back!

Mel prefers to do a lifeguard style breaststroke and she is pretty fast with it, but she was having problems with her goggles. When I got to the other side of the lake, I walked up onto the beach and didn’t see her. I thought maybe she was closer to me than I thought and that she had made the turn to head back without me seeing her so I swam the second have back. When I got to the other side, Mel wasn’t there yet.

Lucky's Lake Swim http://whomerun.com

I survived Lucky’s Lake Swim

I got out, rinsed off, and ran to my car to get my phone so I could get some pictures. After I got some pictures, Mel finished her crossing. We got our stuff together and went to sign the wall and get our first crossing “goody bag”. We plan on trying to do this every other week and hopefully in a about a month, her husband will be able to join us.

On Sunday morning, I met Mel out in Polk City for the first of our training rides. Neither of us is looking forward to riding 34+ miles for the Rocketman Tri (but the views will be soooo worth it!). We’re trying to get in our distance training so that we know we can be in the saddle for as long as we need to be. We both also hope to get faster so that we don’t need to be out on our bikes for 3 hours. (On that note, I really need to find some spinning classes so that I can work on my RPMs)

We did a 16 mile out-and-back ride on the Van Fleet Trail. It was nice and flat and shaded too. It was pretty warm and humid out but since we started so early, we didn’t have too much sun to heat us up. Our main goal was to keep moving and pedaling. We just wanted to avoid coasting. We did pretty good with that. We took a short break at the halfway point to stretch and hydrate.

In true Florida style, we could hear a gator grunting. Mel said it was a bull gator. We didn’t stay around too long to find out if he was really close. When I first hopped back on the bike, I felt great and it was great to see the miles counting down before we got back to our cars. Sitting on the saddle really got to me in the second half of the ride though. The last 4 miles were a real challenge, but I was incredibly thankful to see the end of the trail.

Once I got home I took a shower and a nice long nap to celebrate the ride. My knee was a little bit sore for the rest of the day since I had to go to work and spend 8 hours on my feet, but I felt a lot better today.

Next weekend I will probably be doing my ride with Mel’s husband since he is also doing the Rocketman Tri with us. It’s a drop back week so I only plan on doing 10 miles. I look forward to getting back out there!

Can anyone give me any suggestions to improve my cadence?

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Naturebox Review – June Box

Hello everyone! How is your week so far? I feel like I’m coming down with a cold so I am bombarding my body with Emergen-C and lots of fresh juices. I forced myself out of bed to go to swim practice this morning. When I got there I warned my coach that I wasn’t feeling good. As every good coach does, she said getting in the water would help. LOL!

For the most part, practice was good. I did have a bit of a coughing fit after one of the speed sets. I finished my whole workout which made me feel like I’ve already accomplished something today.

I know that I’ve owed you a review of my NatureBox that I received in June. June was my second month getting a box. I added one thing as a repeat item. I really loved the Big Island Pineapple and I have promoted it to “always send” to me.  I also got the South Pacific Plantains, PB&J Granola, Pistachio Power Clusters, and Coffee Kettle Popcorn.

June Naturebox- Who Me, Run? http://whomerun.com


I loved the South Pacific Plantains. It isn’t an “always send” for me, but it stays in the rotation for me. They are crispy and salty. A great substitute for chips when I have those salty cravings.

Coffee Kettle Popcorn - Who Me, Run? http://whomerun.com

Coffee Kettle Popcorn

The Coffee Kettle Popcorn is a yummy treat. I threw one of them in my purse when Rob and I headed to Epcot one day so that we didn’t have to spend money on snacks. We both loved it! I haven’t opened the second one yet, but I think I may break it out then next time we sit down for a movie.

The Pistachio Power Clusters were a bit of a disappointment for me. I couldn’t really taste the pistachios at all. The clusters also had almonds and cashews in it and those were the only flavors I could taste. I’m willing to try some of the other clusters that they offer, but this one is off the list.

Finally, I got the PB&J Granola. I tried it with almond milk as a cereal, but it wasn’t that great. I have another bag of it so I plan on trying it with yogurt, but I am pretty sure I will take it off of my list altogether.

I decided to take July off from my NatureBox shipment, but I’m already playing around with my order for August. I’m not sure what I’ll get, but I can’t wait to share it with you!

You can get a $10 discount off of your first box if you order through this link. I’ll also get a referral discount if you place an order through the link. I haven’t been paid for this review. I just really enjoy getting a box of healthy snacks and I want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to try them out!

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10 Things on Tuesday Volume 4

10 Things on TuesdayI haven’t done my 10 Things on Tuesday contribution for the past few weeks. I usually am too busy during the day and by the time I get home and remember that it is Tuesday, it’s was too late for me to sit down and write a post. I’ve got time tonight though, so here you go:

1. I’m glad World Cup madness is over. I enjoy soccer but it is so nice to not have my Facebook and Twitter feed full of soccer posts. When it got to the semifinals, I was rooting for Germany and the Netherlands to make it into the finals. There are so many tour groups from Brazil and Argentina, that I was actually worried about a final between those two countries. Congrats to Germany!

2. I read this series of blog posts on MinkFlamingos blog ranking the Disney heroines. I liked how she took the time to come up with a true (although still subjective) ranking system. I’m sure you’ll be surprised and amused by the results.

3. I still owe you post about the 3-day cleanse I did last month. It was tough and I’d be willing to do it again with some modifications.

4. I’m watching a show on Animal Planet called Man-Eating Zombie Cats. It’s a bit terrifying but really interesting. Apparently when wild cats attack dogs, they could catch canine distemper which inhibits their natural fear of humans. Eek! (This show is being followed by a show called Hitler’s Jurassic Zoo – yes, we are still watching Animal Planet…)

5. I missed a few days of swim practice, but I’m heading back on Thursday. I hope to go to Lucky’s Lake Swim on Saturday too. Swimming is my happy place.

#shareacoke at Epcot http://whomerun.com


6. Have you heard about the Share a Coke campaign? It’s a really interesting marketing approach. I found some bottles for Rob “in the wild” but I didn’t find any for me. They had “Meg”. My best friend Alyssa found one with my name (spelled correctly). In Epcot, they actually had a special area set up near Club Cool where you customize your own small Coke cans. I got mine done with my first and middle name. Too cool!

Double Rainbow over Orlando http://whomerun.com

Double Rainbow

7. There was a really cool double rainbow last night over Orlando. You could see both ends of it so I had to take a panoramic picture.


Keep Calm and Donate to LLS

8. I’m stuck with my fundraising. This week I will be prepping my letter to all my friends and family. I find that a fundraising letter is really helpful. We’ll see how it goes!

9. Have you followed me on Instagram? I’ve been having fun using the app more and more lately. I don’t necessarily go through all of my friends’ pictures, but I love using it to edit and post pictures when I’m on the go.

10. The Rocketman Triathlon added a Half Ironman distance to the race. I would consider this for the future, but I’m not ready for that yet!

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