Training Update and a Winner!

After such a miserable experience during the WDW Half Marathon, I’ve been struggling with my runs.  I still have some congestion that I’m dealing with and that is making my runs a true test.  I have to push through if I want to maintain everything I have gained in the past six months.

One of the things I’m going to try this week is some new intervals.  I recently heard that Jeff Galloway was running 45/30 or 45/20.  Mel was thinking about running 1:30/1 and I am seriously considering running a 45/30 for Princess.  The intervals are proportional and I think my body will appreciate the shorter run segments. 

I plan on trying these new intervals this week.  And if I feel good I may insist that we run these for the rest of our long runs and for the race itself.  Have you ever tried to change up your running routine like this?  Do you have any tips for me?

My Spartan Race giveaway is over now.  I’m excited to announce that the winner is Sarah!  Congratulations Sarah!  I hope you have fun at your race!!!

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1 Response to Training Update and a Winner!

  1. I used 30/30 during the Half and Full of the Dopey after training with 2/1. I thought the shorter segments were AWESOME! I may go back to a 60/30 or 60/20 if I'm racing for time but I'll have to test those out on some training runs first.


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